Life Botanical Dye Hoodie- Hinoki

Life Botanical Dye Hoodie- Hinoki

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Shape- Switching raglan sleeves and no extra string around neck, the point is a rounded silhouette that is slightly curved toward the hem.

The material- 100% cotton, it is made by twisting together a number of short fiber threads. It is an original fabric that was developed to maintain a smooth and glossy surface feeling, with less fluffing when subjected to natural dyeing.

Hinoki Wood dye- Japanese cypress, which is considered to be the highest quality building material. It is finely chipped and then dyed.lthough the material is slightly different, the uneven dyeing of the chips gives the texture of natural dyeing.
Since it is dyed by hand, color unevenness and color accumulation may occur in each point.

Care- Fluorescent bleaching is not acceptable for washing. You can wash it in the washing machine.

SIZE 3: Length 70.3, Sleeve length (SNP ~) 81.5, Bust 125 (cm)