Hoodie Down Jacket Black
Hoodie Down Jacket Black
Hoodie Down Jacket Black

Hoodie Down Jacket Black

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  • Combination set of the hoodie type inner down.
  • In this set you can enjoy a down vest, T-shirt down, and down jacket style (detachable system). 
  • There are 3 types of strings for the hoodie. You can change the strings to enjoy different styles.
  • The temperature inside the down can be adjusted by using the heating system. *Please Contact a sales representative for more information regarding the heating system*
  • The outer surface has a water repellent finish which prevents dirt and water.
  • The down inside is 850flp, which indicates high quality and high heat retainment.
  • The bag which can store everything inside is convenient for storage and to carry around.

About Flp

  • Flp (fill power) is a measurement used to show the warmth and lightness of the down.
  • The higher the flp, the higher the quality, and has more air inside which retains more heat.
  • In general, more than 700flp is a high quality down.


  • Outer fabric:Nylon 100%
  • Inside fabric:Polyester 100%
  • Down 95% Feather 5%