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Hasami Candle
Hasami Candle

Hasami Candle


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THE HAKUDO CANDLE  HASAMI PORCELAIN EDITION is created with a manganese saturated oil spot glaze. The temperature of the kiln decides the characteristic of irregular metallic shades and patterns of the surface, which gives each cup a very unique texture and personality. Its presence resonates with deep & smoky qualities of the HAKUDO essence and together they create a clear and tranquil mood.

The YUNOMI cup with matching lid has been traditionally used in Japan to welcome guests and express gratitude when serving tea. Such a beautiful gesture is easily abandoned nowadays. This fact became a source of inspiration to breathe new life into the almost forgotten item and to revive the subtle yet rich contentment in our everyday life.

This distinctive metallic glazed porcelain tea cups are fired within the natural beauty of the mountains in the town of Hasami in Nagasaki prefecture, well known for their artisans who have been manufacturing ceramics for over four centuries.

Each Candle is presented in a Paulownia wooden box, tailor-made and individually assembled by the hands of a master craftsman from Ishikawa, Japan. The precious wood of Paulownia imperialis has been traditionally used to store acclaimed art objects and antiquities.

When the wax is completely melted, the yunomi cup can serve its traditional purpose for tea again or can be used to store precious objects. Simply take off the base of the wick and gently clean the cup.